The Best In Home Audio and Video


Just spending money on the most expensive audio/video equipment does not guarantee a superior picture and quality sound. Let us design and install the best in audio and video systems for you today. From continued education, trade shows and research we stay on top of who is manufacturing the best audio/video equipment today with value.

Hear The Difference With Whole House Audio


Whole house distributed audio video systems now give the user more flexibility and choice with more sources for each room to choose from than ever before. Today’s available audio and video distribution equipment has removed the need to fill each room with several boxes of electronic equipment. Today from one central equipment rack location we are able to distribute all your audio video sources to all the TV and audio rooms requested in your house. We use the proven amplifiers and audio video receivers from entry level home theater amplifiers to true audiophile quality amplifiers and sound processors.

Smart Control From All Your Touch Devices


Access all your audio video systems with a control solution using today’s smart phones, smart tablets, in wall touch panels or keypads. All your home’s music and video sources whether wired or wireless including internet and PC, we are able to distribute to any room of a home with ease of use having a quality viewing and listening experience. Each person of your household or guest will be able to access the media content they want for the room they are in.

We carry and install a range of speakers that include in walls, in ceiling, book shelf, towers, invisible and outdoor sound systems for pool and landscapes. For media viewing we offer a full range in sizes and brands of LCD, Plasma, Projector systems including outdoor displays.



The new RBH Signature SV Series loudspeakers are the culmination of manufacturing excellence and modern styling. Over the years, the RBH Signature Series has won many awards and accolades for its outstanding performance; this new series promises to continue this tradition. Building on a foundation of pristine sound fidelity and high performance, the RBH designers and engineers have embarked on a mission to provide a world-class finish second to none. The result of their pursuit is two spectacular piano-gloss finishes. The first being a gorgeous high-gloss black and the other a stunning high-gloss South American Rosewood.


Despite the Signature SV Series’ amazingly great looks, sound quality is the first and foremost priority. Incorporated into each model is RBH proprietary award-winning aluminum cone technology, and each design is optimized to perform at its absolute best. Not only are the SV Series’ cabinets strong and attractive, their curved design functions to further reduce cabinet resonance, thereby increasing sound quality. Computer-optimized crossover networks featuring only the highest quality components allow the drivers to work seamlessly together to deliver a sonic presentation so real, you’ll swear the artists and actors are actually there in your listening room or home theater. The new Signature SV Series combines modern technology with the tradition of handcrafted excellence that RBH Sound has become known for.