Smart Lighting For Your Home

A lighting system is one of the most used and requested systems for a home. There are many important features a lighting system gives to a home in convenience, aesthetics, security and savings.


Control At your Fingertips

Convenience is the ability to control all your lights from a single smart phone, tablet, wall touch screen or keypad from any location in your home. Turn all your home lights on and off or only selected rooms from one button touch smart screen or keypad at home or anywhere in the world there is internet access.

It is very hard to keep track of long rows of switches and dimmers, which lights they control and where. Wall clutter can now be eliminated in homes with long wall gangs of light switches and replaced with one keypad or wall touch panel. Having a lighting system on smart devices with each device named showing you which lights they control is the solution. With a lighting system you are able to replace your standard dimmers and switches with smart dimmers and smart switches giving you total home lighting control.


Save Power and Secure Your Home 

Get more out of your home lighting now able to create the lighting look you want for events and lifestyle with you setting the values of light levels for brightness or dimming. A smart lighting system will give you more control of power consumption refining your lighting needs. A smart lighting system can also work with your security system in an alarm event, all the home lights can turn on and off flashing a warning to any intruder once the security system is activated by an alarm alerting anyone in visual range.

Lighting systems today are more popular and affordable than ever. The lighting system products we use are the proven manufacturers in the world.