System Design

System Design, Specification & Documentation

Custom design and documentation packages to suit all of your low voltage system needs. We have partnered with industry leaders with over 30 years of experience in the industry to provide the most complete and accurate design, specification & documentation services available


Services include:

  • Scope of Work Summary
  • Proposal Generation
  • Concept Drawings
  • Cabinet Elevation Drawings
  • Line Drawings
  • Device Location
  • Conduit Plan
  • Rough Wire Pull
  • BTU Calculation
  • Display Dimension Elevations
  • Projector Analysis Drawing
  • Rack Elevation Drawing
  • Equipment Connection (System Schematics)
  • Lighting Control Design

Sales and Installation Services

We offer sales and installation services for at various levels to ensure you get a complete solution at the best value for money. We offer some direct sales and some indirect sales to achieve the most comprehensive set of options in one place for you. Our goal is to provide you with various solutions to ease the process of getting a complete system designed, purchased and installed.


Services include:

  • Technology Systems Proposal Generation
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Network and Wi-Fi Solutions
  • IP Power Management Solutions