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The most enjoyable viewing and listening experience for movies and media content will always be seen and heard in a dedicated room designed for a home movie theater. A room specifically designed for audio and video will give you the performance of a real movie theater.



Customized For The Ultimate Experience


Choose us to provide for you the entire design in electronics, woodworking, aesthetics and seating based on a unique design idea you have or we can give you many ideas to choose from. The movie theater equipment we use in our designs and installations are from the best manufacturers in the industry for speakers, amplifiers, projectors, motorized or fixed theater screens including theater seating. We research and compare all the available equipment and have chosen the manufacturers with the best quality, value and reliability in several different price ranges sorted out from the large sea of manufacturers to choose from. Knowing which equipment to use and the experience of how to design a theater room is needed to give the room the best in sound and video performance.



Sony was the first company to introduce a native 4K and they still have one of the most comprehensive model assortments. This year, Sony is excited to announce three new 4K SXRD laser projectors, these models are designed to replace several projectors in their previous home theater lineup. This results in a more condensed and higher-performance product assortment.


When it comes to cosmetic changes, form follows function. A lot of reasons why the new units look different on the outside have to do with the new features and upgrades done on the inside. As we have already mentioned, there have been notable upgrades to the SXRD panels, optical blocks, light sources, lenses, and last but not least their video processor.