Motorized Shades

Open And Close With The Push Of A Button

One of the most requested features for new and existing homes today is installing motorized shades. In the past motorized shades would mostly be found in luxury homes, high rises or the corporate business world’s buildings and offices. Motorized shades are gaining more popularity today, becoming a standard in many custom homes and businesses.


Affordable And Elegant Designs

Today motorized shades are available in many fabric choices with many different patterns and colors to choose from. With the expanding market demand for motorized shades what once was cost prohibitive has now become an affordable value added feature. The benefits come in the form of energy savings, privacy, and protecting furniture from harmful UV rays, while at the same time giving a custom look for your window treatments.

Our firmware and software products give you total control of your motorized shades and can be controlled by your iOS phones, tablets, in wall touch screens or handheld remotes. You will have the ability to create your own shading scenes including having time schedules that will raise and lower shades automatically whether you are home or not.

Roller shades

Sivoia QS roller shades complement both traditional and contemporary designs and are available in different sizes to accommodate the needs of any room. Sivoia QS shades are hard-wired solutions.


Precision control

All Lutron shades feature intelligent hembar alignment, which was designed to synchronize all automated shades in a single room, or in an entire home.

Pocket—recessed into the ceiling, pockets offer blackout capability for the window and a protective enclosure for the entire shade system.

Fascia—this decorative cover conceals the roller and is ideal for more conventional spaces as a round or a square profile.

Battery-powered roller shades

Battery-powered shades are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and ideal for areas that require a wire-free solution.


Battery basics

Triathlon battery-powered shades use regular store-bought batteries, with battery life dependent on shade size, fabric type, and the number of times the shade is opened and closed every day. That means the shade has the potential to move thousands of times on a single set of batteries. The batteries are located within the headrail; simply tip the headrail forward to reveal the battery tray, without taking the shade down.


Shade sizes

Battery-powered roller shades are available in configurations up to 12’ wide by 12’ tall.